Gorilla Tracking tours in Uganda and Rwanda.

Gorilla Tracking tours in Uganda and Rwanda.

Uganda hosts more than half of the last endangered mountain gorillas in the two national
parks on the southwestern frontier and is the best destination for gorilla trekking tours.
Daily trekking adventures to see mountain gorillas in Uganda occur in Bwindi

Impenetrable National Park, an isolated swath on the rugged Rift Valley slopes and
Mgahinga National Park, on the slopes of the Virunga Mountains.

Most tourists that visit Uganda journey to the remote southwestern region to spend a night in one
of the forests situated lodges on the edge of the park and make it early to one of the five
trailheads to join the small groups of trekkers on a half-day adventure excursion. It’s been said
by countless travellers that the experience of locking eyes with a wild gorilla and recognising our
very own similarities is unmatched by any jungle experience in Africa. Gorilla trekking is an
adventure that should make your summer adventure bucket list for this year.
Uganda offers two distinct gorilla experiences. The regular guided gorilla trekking excursion
allows visitors to spend one hour with a human-habituated gorilla family and the Gorilla
Habituation Experience which offers visitors an opportunity to spend at least four hours with a
semi-habituated troop in the company of primatologists and researchers. The former is a popular
choice with most adventurers and costs $700 for a trekking permit, and the Habituation
experience permit costs $1500 per person.
Gorilla trekking permits are quite expensive because of the ecotourism effort involved in human habituating
gorillas, protecting them from poachers and diseases and maintaining their natural
habitat. Gorilla tourism has given Africa’s great apes the hope to survive alongside growing
human populations and intrusion on their habitats. Gorilla tourism is the single primary revenue
source for conserving these endangered primates that are about 1000 individuals left in the
world. This therefore means that your gorilla trekking tour in Uganda is ethical and is a
sustainable travel activity.
Sail Adventures Uganda has been a significant contributor to gorilla conservation since 2017
through our private and tailor-made gorilla trekking tours. Our gorilla safaris are well selected
with the best routes to maximise Uganda’s incredible tourist attractions, chimpanzee trekking in
Kibale, big-game viewing game drives, boat safaris, bird watching, nature walks, and hiking adventures

All-Inclusive Uganda Safaris

An all-inclusive Uganda safari means that your holiday trip itinerary is taken care of by the local
tour operator, ensuring they include everything you’ll need to pull it off, including your
accommodation, meals, snacks, and standard drinks, and your tour activities for a set price. It’s
one of the main reasons why an all-inclusive safari holiday might seem expensive at first glance.
In Reality, they offer excellent value for money.

• Accommodation; Hotel Room, Camp Tent, Suite or Lodge
• Meals; breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
• Drinks; all standard drinks
• Activities; game drives, guided nature walks, primate trekking, and non-mechanized
water sports
• 4×4 Transport; selected road transfers between the airport, local airstrips, activities,
and your accommodation
• Park entry fees, and trekking permits processing
• International flights
• Visa and Visa Processing
• Tips, gratuities, and service charges

Additional meals and snacks, like stopping at a café or restaurant during road
• Rare or imported drinks
• Special activities, like hot-air ballooning, cultural tours, or unplanned activities

Planning an all-inclusive Uganda safari holiday means saving on time, money and reducing trip
fatigue. You get the exceptional skills of your experienced safari guide, that super chilled drink
perfectly prepared when you stop to watch the sunset in the middle of nowhere, freshly baked
treats with your morning coffee, or a surprise dinner under a lantern-lit tree. Additionally, with
our local experts’ help, you get first-hand expert advice during the planning phase, which means
you don’t sacrifice luxury and comfort. In fact, the change brought by the COVID-19 pandemic
offers a difference in the safari atmosphere where every luxury camp or lodge provides all inclusive
daily rates that include access to restricted areas, cultural experiences, community
hiking experiences, exquisite gourmet cuisine, and a rich range of game-viewing activities in the
care of some of Uganda’s top professional guides.
This standard of safari accommodation today is all about delighting and surprising you – whether
it’s a steaming scented bath awaiting you after the evening game drive or an exquisite breakfast
served at a scenic spot looking out over a dreamy landscape filled with antelope, elephant, and
lion. As for Uganda’s leading lodges and tented camps, suites open onto private decks and
plunge pools, and three-course dinners rival top city restaurants. And between drives, you can
have a massage at the spa or gaze at the ever-changing tropical skies lounger with the best views.