Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is located in the southwestern part of Uganda on the rim of the Rift Valley. The hillsides which are mist-covered are sheltered by one of the ancient and very biologically varied rainforests in Uganda that dates back to more than 25,000 years, comprising of about 400 varied plant species. More notably, this “impenetrable forest” in addition protects an predictable 320 population of mountain gorillas – approximately half of the population in the world, among which are a number of habituated groups, that can be tracked by visitors. Bwindi is habitat to more than half the world’s population of Mountain Gorillas. actually there are over 300 mountain gorillas living here. Gorilla devotees for Uganda tours from different corners of the world to enjoy this Ultimate Safari in Uganda – Mountain Gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. The word “Bwindi” means “darkness” and taking a hike this magnificent forest will certainly unveil to you the reason why the forest was named so. You will as well be in position to fast tell why actually the forest is also regarded as Impenetrable. One requires to be realistically physically fit to take part in this mountain gorilla tracking / trekking adventure because it may involve climbing the steep terrain.


Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is located in western part of Uganda in Kigezi sub region and it accessible through Kampala capital city of Uganda taking the Ankole route via Masaka , Ankole Masaka dry collider and then calm town of Mbarara in Ankole and then  Ntungamo town where you will decide to continue with the Kabale-kisoro or take Ntungamo , Rukungiri and then to Kanungu Bwindi  and it takes 9-10 hours’ drive by road and it includes a lot of adventures en-route with en-route lunch to the selected hotel. This route is about 512km from Kampala to Bwindi with tarmac road b and murrum roads in some parts of Kanungu near Bwindi but on shorter distance

The route provides travelers with excellent views and beautiful along the way like the magical ankole long horned cattle grazing along the way and the beautiful sceneries of the magical Kigezi hills known as the Switzerland of Uganda.

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is home of half of the mountain gorillas in the whole world

You can get to Bwindi by flying using the internal flight. According to your time you have for the trip you can book your gorilla flying trip

There are two organized airfields near Bwindi that is Kisoro airstrip and Kihihi airstrip that will help you reach your destination in time

You will book your ticket under the trusted company to book for you air ticket with aero link airlines that operates internally in Uganda which takes about 45-50 minutes flight from Kajjansi airfield to kisoro or Kihihi. This may help you to reduce on the long hours and tiresome you would get while travelling by road. Flying would provide you with the beautiful aerial views of the undulating Kigezi hills, Lake Bunyonyi, Africa’s second deepest lake and thick tropical rain forests of Bwindi.

But you should have it in mind that each means has advantages and disadvantages like the road is much cheaper than taking flight but maybe time consuming and tiring!

Always contact trusted company to organize for you trip to Bwindi impenetrable national park like African skimmer tours (

How to book your trip to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

You will contact trusted tour operator/ company ( ) operating gorilla safaris in Uganda who will provide with the plan on how to carry out your gorilla trekking in Bwindi And give you the budget of the trip and help you to book your gorilla trekking permit booked from Uganda wildlife authority by authorized company and it will be given to you on the day of gorilla trekking before the briefing by the ranger guides who takes you for gorilla trekking experience in Bwindi.

Permit is pass/ document that allows visitors to access the Bwindi national park for activities like gorilla trekking and gorilla habituation experience and it booked in advance before your arrival in Uganda like three months before.



Gorilla trekking can be done in four sectors of Bwindi impenetrable national park that is Buhoma sector, Rushaga sector, Ruhiija sector and Nkuringo sector both totaling to over 20 habituated families ready for trekking and 1 Gorilla family under habituation

Gorilla trekking in Bwindi starts early in the morning at 8:00am after briefing from ranger guides from Uganda wildlife authority who takes you through the tropical rain forest of Bwindi to look for gorillas. Mountain gorillas in Bwindi are under 24-hour monitoring for their safety, you are almost guaranteed to see them, and the ranger guides monitor each gorilla family by keeping in close radio contact

Gorilla trekking takes around 2 to 8 hours and after meeting with the gentle apes you’re allowed to stand 7 meters away from them and start learning their behaviors, enjoying their life style for only 1 hour

Gorilla trekking gives the unforgettable authentic experience meeting with the gentle apes of Bwindi impenetrable national park


Gorilla habituation experience in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is another activity that gives you chance to travelers to learn more about the gorillas in their natural habitat of Bwindi forest national park.  The gorilla habituation experience allows you to spend 4 hours with highly intelligent gentle apes, the mountain gorillas. Unlike the common gorilla trekking which gives you the opportunity for only an hour with these giants, here you get to stay with the Gorillas in the wild for up to 4 full hours, there’s no better way to get up-close and personal with the giants of the rainforest. The difference is that the gorilla trekking permit is much cheaper than the habituation permit and the gorilla habituation permit costs $1,500 while trekking permit is $700

Currently gorilla habituation experience is only taking place on sector of Rushaga with one family side of Kisoro in Bwindi and should have it in mind that gorillas ready for habituation trek are less used to human person and ranger guides will guide you on how to interact with the gentle giants


 After you’re successfully gorilla experience you can participate in Batwa community experience while relaxing at your place of accommodation in Bwindi and learn about Batwa culture. Previously Batwa people lived in the forest Bwindi but left generations back after Uganda wildlife authority allocated them on the edges of the forest to prepare the forest for conservation of mountain gorillas. It takes for about20 minutes from some lodges to reach the Batwa villages where inhabitants are past forestry dwellers who used to reside in the Bwindi and Mgahinga rainforests. Interested visitors who are keen to learn about this indigenous tribal group of people are allowed to visit the Batwa Empowerment Village which is a non-profit helping the Batwa to try and adapt to the new wage economy society. You will be taken to through their life styles, cultural dances and learn about their past forestry lifestyle experiences through story telling and hunting excursions.


Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is accessible throughout the year. And you have all chances to meet with the gentle apes

There are two seasons which are highly favored for the gorilla tracking experience from the month of June through to September known as peak seasons and December through to February which are the best time to visit Bwindi for gorilla visit however gorilla tracking can be done throughout the year and with success, 99% guarantee that you will meet and greet with these apes.

During dry seasons you walk slowly and gently in the steep slopes of the forest because there are less muddy & slippery tracks and this gives you the opportunity to enjoy your gorilla trekking while taking photos for a life-changing experience.

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