Sail Adventures Safaris Uganda operates in 4 destinations across East Arica with Uganda being the primary Destination. Each destination so unique and with a variety of safari experiences not to be found anywhere else in Africa. 

Whether you are looking for a Gorilla trekking Safari, Big5 safari, Game viewing and wildlife Adventure Safari, we got you covered. With our exclusive packages you can now combine two or more destinations in your next African trip to explore and discover mother nature at her finest. Dive in to look out for your next Destination!!!


Uganda has earned itself a tourism reputation as the “Pearl of Africa.” When planning to travel to Uganda for safari, expect to choose from ten national parks and a dazzling array of landscapes, which range from dry savannas, and snowcapped mountains to dense rainforests harboring endangered primates. The ultimate variety that Uganda has can be seen in the landscapes, topography, plant life, wildlife, birdlife, culture and peoples – is mind-boggling.


Kenya, the pioneer safari destination, ranks highly as a leading Africa safari destination. It’s hard to talk about African safari without mentioning Kenya somehow. The country is home to the absolute most sought after untamed nature reserves, including the Masai Mara, which along with the Serengeti, has the Great Migration from July to October. Though it is sometimes referred to as annual event, the Great Migration is actually a fluid and continuous, year-long journey of animals migrating through Tanzania and Kenya. In total, this circuit spans some 1,200 miles.


Rwanda has taken huge steps in security and the travel industry advancement in the years and years since the 90s genocide and is presently globally perceived as one of the most secure travel destinations in Africa.

A feeling of request wins: rough wrongdoing is almost nonexistent, and police can be spotted at all significant crossing points. New streets and clean towns describe the open country.


Tanzania is the quintessential, authoritative vacation spot for your most memorable safari. Who would have no desire to visit a marvelous spot where destination names roll off the tongue like a charm: Serengeti, Zanzibar, Kilimanjaro, Tanganyika, Manyara, Ngorongoro, and Olduvai Gorge, "the Cradle of Humankind!" This Travel guide serves to give you all the data you want to design your most memorable safari in Tanzania without a hustle.


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