About Us

Sail Adventures Uganda Safaris is a locally owned fast-growing luxury Destination Management Company (DMC) in Uganda. It’s run by industry professionals born, bred and trained in the hospitality industry in Uganda – no one knows this land better! Secondly, we offer “top notch” Safaris which makes us stand out. Thirdly, small personalized operations ensure complete customer satisfaction thus guarantees repeat business and a strong brand. Lastly, our contact database in East Africa with suppliers & other stakeholders ensures, the best competitive rates thus offering value for money to our clients. We offer Unique, Affordable, Authentic, Tours to Uganda with a Personal Touch.

Tour Packaging

No matter the type of trip you have in mind, we have the resources and expertise necessary to create the perfect trip. Make sure you book in advance.

Hotel Booking and Reservations

At Sail Adventures Uganda tours and travel we help our clients to make reservation about their hotel stays and lodges of their choice.

Cultural Tours

Due to the diverse range of ethnic groups living within Uganda, the national culture is complex and multi-faced.

Family Travel Consultation

Planning any type of travel can be overwhelming, which is why you need an experienced Travel Company.

Car Rental

We have got a fleet of comfortable 4x4 safari vehicles that you can hire anytime and be sure that your safari will be carried out safely and reach to all your dream destination.

International Travel Guidance

Throughout many years of providing clients with International Travel Guidance, we have gained the experience and expertise necessary to make booking trips.

Top Destinations


Kenya, the pioneer safari destination, ranks highly as a leading Africa safari destination.


Tracking mountain gorillas in this landlocked nation of undulating hills, terraced farmlands, volcanic mountains.


Tanzania is the quintessential, authoritative vacation spot for your most memorable safari.

Why travel with us?

Excellent accommodation facilities

We understand that for every trip to be a success then accommodation should be up there on the top and that's why at Sail Adventures Uganda Safaris, we work tirelessly to choose the best accommodation places for our guests and not let you have no worries about leaving your comfort zone.

Respecting our Planet & Spirit for Nature

Our team of experienced guides will meet you and take you to the most magnificent and intriguing spots that won't leave you the same. With extraordinary mastery in the field, we will furnish you with all the vital information that you will require all through your travel experience with us!

Our guides & community involvement

Our adventures will offer you with an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the cultural and natural world. And we believe that these authentic interactions will allow us to better understand, appreciate and protect the world in which we live and operate in!.

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