Mgahinga gorilla national park is home of beautiful mountain gorillas and golden monkeys but if you want to see them equally amazing journey and interact with them in their natural setting/


Murchison falls national park is about 305km from Kampala and Uganda's largest national can be accessed by both air and road.


Bwindi Impenetrable National park is a UNESCO world heritage site, it is a tropical rain forest whose diversity can only be matched by a few rainforests in the world. This park harbors endangered mountain gorillas and other endemic species which are the key attributes of outstanding universal values of this park.


Queen Elizabeth national park is located in south western part if Uganda the pearl of Africa and it's among the most visited national park since its spans into different districts of Kasese,Rubirizi,Mitooma, Rukunngiri, Kanungu, Bushenyi and Kamwenge.


Lake Mburo national park is the smallest savannah park in uganda located in kiruhura districts and Nyabushozi county in westerns Uganda Ankole sub region. Lake mburo national park is very special place with every corner of its place showing its magnificent and colorfully. species of wildlife animals that make one appreciate God's creation


The best place for chimpanzee tracking in uganda and east africa is Kibale forest National park blossoms in the western part of Uganda. it is referred to as primate capital of the world the best place for chimpanzee tracking in east Africa

Semuliki National Park

Semuliki National Park is located in the remote part of western Uganda in Bwamba county, Bundibujjo District. The park was gazetted in 1993 making it one of the 10 National parks in Uganda. It covers a tract of 220sq Km, and is mostly known foe birding and the famous Sempaya female hot-springs

Mount Elgon National Park

Mountain Elgon national park has the worlds and largest caldera once upon time mountain was the highest mountain in the continent but volcanic eruptions took at all. This is the tell of the Garratt moutain whose unique ecological sceneries motivated the formation of Uganda’s protected area mountain elgon national park. Scientist believe that first eruption happened 24 million years ago and the second happened 12 million years ago Mountain elgon national park derives its name from the biggest attraction Mount Elgon currently standing at 4321m above the sea level; this means wagagai peak is the highest peak of the mountain. It takes 4- 6 days to reach the highest peak on Mount Elgon and he shortest way is to take Budadiri trail. Mountain elgon has 4 trails where you can take up to wagagai peak and these are; Budadiri trail, Salsa trail, Sipi trail and Pisa trail.